This is the result of my creative collaboration with a painter from Tbilisi named Faith.

At the height of the epidemic we decided to make a new project.

When I planned to create something together, I expected it to be a regular mini-documentary,

but the text I received from Faith turned out to be a story filled with vivid poetic images.

I сreated a full pre- visualization ( maybe it looks fun but it helped us to see result close to the final, before the video was shot and edited)

This is a short story about the house, both from a traditional and perhaps a slightly new point of view.

A reminder that our actions, thoughts, and emotions are the colors we put on the canvas of our lives.

After creating the video, we had the idea to sell the picture in the comments, and despite the fact that the price was low (unfortunately, we were in Georgia at the time, and our subscribers are mainly in Nigeria and Russia), this can be considered the first experience of an art- dealer.