Funny Brew Bar

 This is a non-commercial project, I just found myself in my hometown for a couple of days with equipment, free time, and in the company of people who wanted to try out a new role.

The only thing that was clear from the beginning, that we don't want to shoot the usual advertising of a coffee shop with a smiling bearded barista, a story about a pleasant atmosphere and attention paid to each stage of the production of the drink.At some point, I remembered this reference and there was an understanding that we need to do not one, but a whole series of videos about people and their hobbies ( they are all different, but united by the love of one place and one drink).

This approach followed a commercial goal - to attract more people to the coffee shop. Our improvised actors, having received short videos about themselves ( in personal videos there is no mention of the coffee shop), will undoubtedly post them in their social networks and it attract the attention of almost all interested in the city public ( it is small, the population is less than 100 thousand people).

 The next post with a shared video will amplify the effect and proclaim the coffee shop as a fashionable place for all modern residents of the city. We naturally looked for actors among our friends. In the end, the choice fell on: a skater, a dancer, a photographer, a basketball player, an artist and a fan of fast cars. They were asked to write a short text about themselves and, if possible, link it to the coffee. As a result, we got a dynamic video with small inserts of the interior and production of the drink.