Blikvanger attitude.

 The brand created by the winner of the Benext Fashion Design Contest Ani Tsintskiladze combines both classic and avant-garde clothing in its collections.

At a meeting with the designer and art- director of the brand, we immediately decided that we did not want to shoot a normal beautiful video and use professional models.

The brand has a motto: Blikvanger is to dare, have fun, be fun, be confidently cool, be risky, enjoy life and in accordance with it, we have selected people who represent these statements.

We wanted to create a cycle of short stories about people, their principles and goals, and what clothes they choose.

Our choices were: Xosilita ( dancer, performer)- cool, fun;

Musya Keburia (painter, street- artist) – risky;

Tika Balanchine (singer)- confident;

Nicca Pizza ( designer, blogger)- daring;

With this choice, we achieve two goals at once: on the one hand , these people perfectly represent their part of the general motto ,on the other hand, they are probably the most popular people in the country and a post from their pages will immediately give a very good audience coverage.

We used these videos as references.

 As a result, we have received 4 videos of different mood and dynamics, which will be combined into one general video ( this is a permanent category, which will soon be attended by other bright and interesting people from Tbilisi and other cities)