From Elvis and Gagarin to Lera Lynn and southern Gothic.

Brand: 1960 (women's clothing, designed in the spirit of American aesthetics of the middle of the last century)

First of all, I want to say that I don't know anything about the correct order ( if there is one) for producing a creative idea. Everything was done by trial and error.

Without a detailed explanation, it is not possible to understand how the starting points led to the final result. 

Having received an order to shoot an advertising video and a full cartblanche in terms of ideas, I was faced with the fact that such freedom rather complicates than simplifies the task.

After studying a little information about that time, I identified several key figures and events( the search geography has expanded to the entire world)


Time, of course, was interesting, but it did not fit in with the brand's aesthetics, the appearance of models and the available locations. Something more restrained and melancholy was presented.

In addition to studying visual materials, I listened to time-appropriate music. When I accidentally heard the johnny Cash song Ring of fire, I remembered that there is a cover version of this song by Lera Lynn,

who was known to me as the author of the soundtracks for the TV series True Detective ( though , as it turned out, the second season , not the first).

After studying True Detective and the corresponding southern Gothic aesthetic, I realized that this seems to be what you need. Initially, this is a literary genre

(the atmosphere of a deeply religious, neglected and impoverished American hinterland), which migrated to the cinema.

Then there was a clear stage of searching for music ( here the Podvall Capella-Nero track was added to Ring of fire) and locations

( lake Lisi is an ideal place, on the 3 km circumference of the lake you can find a dozen suitable places to shoot)

I wanted to make the final decision on music and specific locations directly during the shooting process, having understood the natural dynamics of models on the location.

I would not like to focus on the process of shooting and editing, I will not say that everything went quite smoothly, but nevertheless, after such careful preparation,

there were practically no unknown people. In fact, it was clear what the final result would be even before the shooting.

And also https://www.instagram.com/tatiana_velgan/, although Tanya is not in the frame, she has provided invaluable assistance in the preparation process and directly on the site

(the selection of images, details and accessories, that is exactly what makes the images complete - her job) And the final video itself: